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I lead, architect, manage, and build web applications and business technical solutions, and see them through to completion.


I am self-taught and have been running a web development company for over 12 years.

From car dealership websites to large scale web applications...

At the age of 16 I learned HTML and began building/maintaining a website for a local car dealership. I also managed the dealership's eBay® listings for all their cars.

After I graduated high school, I decided to serve a 2 year service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I served in Portugal and learned the Portuguese language.

Upon returning I set out to build a website creator. During this time I learned Java and Javascript, and everything else I needed to know, to build a tool that built websites. I finished building the entire website creator. During the recession we failed to launch, but this was my education.

We transitioned into a web development company immediately, where I continued to learn and expand my skills. We brought on clients for whom we provided outsourced full-time development. Most of those companies were in the alternative healthcare industry.

Over the course of 12 years I have led in-house and remote team members in building and managing the technology of our clients. I have been at the forefront of development and leading our team, keeping my technical and project management skills sharp.

We built many large scale web applications including an in-house member management tool, an online training platform, a custom discussion board, payment platforms/integrations, and much more.

Work History

Senior Software Development Manager

Fabuso - Ogden, UT

September 2015 to Present

  • Led and ran all the development and technology business needs of the company.
  • Oversaw the acquisition of new clients and managed our development team, developing much of the software myself.
  • Each new client involved building new custom software solutions, integrating 3rd party software, and migrating old systems to the corresponding replacements.
  • Continued to fulfill previous duties of Senior Web Developer.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Fabuso - Ogden, UT

November 2007 to September 2015

  • Architected web applications, reviewing each project and choosing frameworks and solutions that best fit each one.
  • Managed development projects.
  • Built and maintained software according to client needs.

Website Manager

Achieve Auto Sales - Ogden, UT

September 2002 to November 2005

  • Maintained company website for car dealership. Kept up to date daily inventory on website and launched and managed eBay® listings for the cars.


I know how to architect web applications, reviewing each project and choosing frameworks and solutions that best fit each one. I have developed these from beginning to end and beyond.

I have learned and developed skills in project/team management as well as many programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. I have primarily focused on Javascript as it has become more and more widely available as a viable solution on all platforms.

I have developed several backends and APIs using Java and NodeJS with Express. I am experienced in SQL and NoSQL databases. I have also worked extensively with Firebase and its suite of developer solutions.

I am self-motivated and have proven that I can deliver short and long term needs. I currently work in a co-working space where I have been thriving for years. I can manage remote and in-house developers. I work very well in a remote environment.

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Fully featured online writing software. Features include chapter/scene organization, outlining, plotting, characters/locations/other notes, character/location/other note detection in chapters/scenes, autosave, auto revision history, export, DropBox/Google Drive backups, notes, feedback, word count and stats, mobile app, and much more.

Front End:JavascriptAngularAngular MaterialCSSHTML5
Back End:FirebaseJavaAWSStripe

EEGInfo Chatboard

Fully custom professional discussion board. Features include posting new messages, commenting, liking, follow/unfollow, attachments, notifications, access restrictions, best answer, integration with a mailing list, search with custom filtering, edit post/comment, member profiles, and more.

Front End:JavascriptAngularJSCSS/BootstrapHTML
Back End:JavaJavaEEAWSMySQL

Online Training Platform

Custom online training platform. Features include sections and learning modules, quizzes, custom PDF certificates upon completion, follow-along transcription, notes, bookmarks, timed content that appears in a sidebar at certain times for a module, and more.

Front End:JavascriptCustom JS frameworkCSSHTML
Back End:JavaJavaEEMySQLAWSS3/Cloudfront

The Listening Program Online

TLP Online is an online audio streaming service that delivers neuroscience based music programs for brain training. The program delivers audio to listeners following a schedule. Features include high quality audio streaming, listening history, listening logs, mood tracking, reporting, custom schedules, solor and group listening, clinician oversight, affiliate tracking and reporting, etc.

Front End:JavascriptjQueryCSSHTML
Back End:JavaSpring MVCMySQLAWSS3/Cloudfront


NodeJS API for new services and integrations for EEGInfo. Features include automated tasks from webhooks from Shopify and other events.

Front End:None
Back End:NodeJSTypeScriptMochaChaiMySQLHeroku

EEGInfo Mobile

Mobile app for the EEGInfo Chatboard. Features include post, comment, like, follow/unfollow, notifications, short message prompts, and more.

Front End:Ionic 4AngularCSSHTML
Back End:JavaJavaEEAWSMySQL

Heritage Craft Homes Website

HeritageCraftHomes.com website for local home builder. Features home plans, communities, contact form, and other pages.

Front End:ReactJSGatsbySCSSBootstrapHTML5
Back End:ContentfulGraphQLNetlify

Shopify Store

Themed Shopify store with custom integrations.

Front End:ShopifyLiquid
Back End:EEGInfo NodeJS APIShopify

Central Member Management

Member management tool for managing all aspects of custom member integration needs and support. Features include contact management, lists, access control, history, activity tracking, member merge tool, custom integrations, and much more.

Front End:JavascriptAngularJSCSS/BootstrapHTML
Back End:JavaJavaEEAWSMySQL

Mark Steinberg Articles

Mark Steinberg's "Reality Reports". A custom article delivery platform that stores and gives access to written articles. Features include pay to access single articles, pay for lifetime access, free access when the intial email goes out and only when it is the most recent article.

Front End:JavascriptVueJSCSS/BootstrapHTML5
Back End:JavaJavaEEMySQLAWS


This website! Built a resume website for myself to further practice ReactJS and GraphQL.

Front End:ReactJSGatsbySCSSBootstrapHTML5
Back End:GraphQLNetlify

... and more

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